Infinite Jim…
began, at first, because I thought the name was cool.

Then I thought about it. I didn’t have a tribe of my own. I thought differently, I thought differently than people around me. I kept living in a dream world of what could be, of possibilities and potentials.

Like many people, I kept my closest dreams to my chest, never revealing them to anyone. Never showing my full self because it was too much, because I was too much, for others, and some times, people told me that. This was what I had learned from childhood. This is what was reinforced as an adult. I was too much.

My journey has been lifelong. Finding the balance of me. I’ve had to think about who I actually am. I think I’ve come to some resolution on this:

I am Curious. Bold. Raucous. Gentle. Direct. Intelligent. Irreverent. Caring. Awake. Alert. Aware. Twisted. Enthusiastic. Boring. Observant. Thoughtful. Of Service. Man. Person. Human being.

After years of reflecting on who I am, what my purpose was (is), I realize that I’m a lot of things.

Most of all, the biggest difference I’ve come up with from when I began is that my intentions are good. That’s my starting point. (I don’t know that I was told this when I was a kid, though), and that’s one of my continuing guiding values.

My journey led me to become a psychotherapist. I needed to figure some things out. As I figured me out, I found a gift of mine was the ability to help other people out. Now I’m taking my brand of Infinite Jim out to the world.

I am a guide and mentor in self-exploration, a coach in the co-creation of meaningful lives. I am a podcaster for personal success & growth.

I’m an advocate for the individual’s right to feel, think, hear, see, know, and experience one’s own experience, not what they should experience. I’m also a guide to help the maturation process into one’s own life. Because what I feel, think, hear, see, know and experience changes.

I’m a major believer in increasing your experience so you can say you’ve lived a really cool life while you were here.

I have this calling to help those who wouldn’t otherwise seek out help. I like blowing out other people’s expectations, and, I like being someone that someone else can count on. I like helping those who feel boxed in understand that they don’t have to be boxed in.

I help people find their own direction.

Lastly, and as I’ve mentioned, I am also a Psychotherapist, a licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFT) in California. That’s part of my resume, and not what I do here with infinitejim.

Nothing on this site constitutes any mental health practice
in any way, shape or form.

The intention of this site is Edutainment. A bit of education, and some entertainment. It’s a place where I get to speak my truth. It’s also what I’ve heard called Valuetainment. I’m hoping that you get value out of my site, what I write, say, communicate through my brand.