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Logging in for the 1st time and choosing a Pathway in Toastmasters.

Experiential Learning with Toastmasters

Experiential Learning is where I learn by doing–I learn by trying something out and either it works or it doesn’t work. If it doesn’t work, I figure out how to make it work. If it works, get to see if I want it to work better.

Toastmasters is an experiential learning organization. I haven’t found a better organization that can help grow self-esteem, confidence, and truly grow someone’s ability to create and craft a speech all the while genuinely becoming comfortable speaking in public. That can mean talking to a group of friends, a group of colleagues, a group of strangers, or someone that I just don’t know.

It’s funny, though. It’s not about the speech or talking in front of others. It’s about Community that sets one up for that success. A Toastmasters club is where you, me, we, get to screw up, mess up, and forget things, all on the path to becoming better speakers. 

If you use the full experience of a Toastmasters club, you’ll learn so much more than learning and getting comfortable in speaking in public. You can also, for real, learn genuine leadership skills–maybe skills that you didn’t think you even had. Like me. I didn’t know I had certain skills until I kept taking on more roles in my home club of Toastmasters (TM).

It was from continuing to stay engaged in the process, that I learned that I had leadership skills. I could organize. I could schedule. I could coordinate. I could inspire. I wasn’t in a space in my head that I thought I could do any of these things.

Mind you it wasn’t just Toastmasters, but before my TM journey, I was much more afraid of people, much more afraid of what people thought of what I was doing or if they were judging me. I was more socially afraid (they call that social anxiety), but being given the chance to shine, I found parts of me that I never really knew were in there.

If you’ve got social anxiety or you’d like to just not shake when you want to speak your truth, I highly recommend Toastmasters. It’s structured, they’ve got a format (no matter what club you join the structure will be fairly similar–X will happen, Y will happen, Z will happen), and it’s built in to allow us to mess up so we can mess up with a smile on our faces.

I also recommend TM if you’ve got bigger dreams, too. If you’re looking at becoming a speaker of sorts; if you’ve got an idea worth spreading; if you’ve got the calling of something that requires being comfortable in your skin in front of hundreds, or thousands of people. Toastmasters is a place to get your hands dirty and make it happen. 

For more information, check out Look in the upper right hand corner of the site for a club near you. If you’re feeling bold, go ahead and start your own club!