Starland, Reservation Page

Please email us at or call (760) 364-2069 to make a reservation. Since our cabins, RV Sites, and Tent Sites are limited, please make your overnight reservation at least one week in advance of your arrival date, and sooner, for holiday weekends. Sorry, no “walk-ins” are available at this time.

Please include your full name, street address, city, state, and zip code, along with a phone number, with your request. If you are a Member, simply provide your full name, and your current Member number. Include your arrival date, and date of departure with your request, the type of accommodation you desire. Also include, if applicable, the number of people accompanying you.

We’ll check for availability, and then send you a tab for your visit. Please pay in full, in advance of your arrival date, via this Paypal link…

If you are coming for the first time, directions to our community will be sent to you. We regret we don’t share our street address, but will provide full directions instead.

Membership and Dues

We require every person in your party to sign up for annual membership. This process is simple, and is done upon arrival. The basic Bright Star Membership is $10 per person. Couples and those bringing a friend to Starland may consider the Shining Star Membership, at $60 per person. A Shining Star Member is offered two nights, twice during the term of membership, for two people, free! Further details are available upon request. For the Members who have been active with Starland for at least one year, we offer the Shooting Star Lifetime Membership, $1,000 per person. No more annual dues renewals, and several exciting perks come with this membership. Ask us for more details.

What to Bring

Plenty of water, for yourself and your friends coming to Starland Community. Sunblock, a hat or other head wear, food for yourself and your friends, and an ice chest to store it in. Ice is available at a nearby store. Bring the book you want to read, and art supplies, to draw your experience. Comfortable shoes are recommended, but not “open toe” sandals. A towel, for sitting on our communal chairs and sofas nude, and your personal shower and dental hygiene items. Bring a towel, for the shower, and a sleeping bag for tent camping. No matter what your overnight accommodations are, bring a flashlight or two, and spare batteries.


All of the following accommodations include communal toilets and hot showers. WiFi is complimentary, for all overnight visitors.

Tent Camping Sites

Enjoy our terraces! Camping is great at our tent sites. We offer subtle morning sun, with exposure to a great breeze and shade, and all sites have great views of the desert wilderness. Cost $15 per site per night, limit two people.

RV Sites 

Five new improved RV sites are available! Full hookups include electricity, potable cold water, and septic service. No-hookup sites are also available, on our land. Full Hookups: $45/night per site. No hookups (“dry” sites): $30/night per site.

Cozy Cabins 

Come with full or queen-size beds, clean linen, and great views. Unless noted, cabin renters share the common toilets and showers, nearby.

VA Cabin 

$35 per night (limit 2 people). The Vista Arroyo Cabin offers a double bed, a great view of the canyon, and a private 1/2 bath. It’s our own version of a “Honeymoon Suite.”

Cabin 11 (“Dream Cabin”)

$35 per night (limit 2 people).  Our newly-remodeled cabin, with a new queen bed and furnishings. It’s fresh, modern and restful!

Guest Room in Common House

$35 per night (limit 2 people). One luxurious queen sized bed. Is close to a 1/2 bath, shared with other visitors and residents. Private doors to outside and nearby kitchen.

Hot Tub

We have a Zero to Sixty Seconds Heater! Meaning is has a propane 400,000 BTU gas heater that can heat the spa from 50° to 104° (or desired temperature) in about TEN minutes!

Has “Bells and Whistles.” Options for a jetted lounge and/or “tickly” air bubbles in the seat, and/or a Color-Change LED light. Free with any paid reservation *communal use only. $5 per ONE hour of personal use.

Day Use 

General admission-$10 per Member, per day (8:00 AM-9:00 PM). We welcome local Members, and those needing to get away during the daylight hours. Day use does not include overnight accommodations. Call us in advance–Day use is seasonally-scheduled, and may be cancelled due to the weather. Shower for day use: $10 per member, in addition to the admission fee.

Please ask us about our weekly rates, for our overnight accommodations.


  • Pets are allowed only inside your trailer or RV.
  • Unfortunately, no pets are allowed in our cabins, tents, or kept in a parked car or truck.
  • We’re sorry that pets aren’t welcome in any indoor structure or building in our camp.
  • Outside, pets are the responsibility of the pet’s human, and the pet must be kept on a leash and under the human’s control at all times.
  • Please bring along a “poop scoop” and trash bags, when walking your pet. We understand that most dogs and cats are domestic friends, and in their usual household, may be quiet and tame. However, often a domesticated animal might seem confused or upset over the sight of other humans and another human’s pets.
  • We prefer quiet and calm pets, and pets that can be kept quiet when with other humans.
  • Sometimes, wild animals are seen near or around our camp, such as coyotes, mountain lions, and bobcats. Pet humans are requested to keep a watchful eye out for these creatures.
  • Please be aware, too, of the cactus, rocky trails, and other threats common to the desert that will be seen near our comp. Keep a comb and a pair of tweezers ready. for unexpected needs.