Starland Front Page from Old Site

Welcome Home!

Starland might be a clothing optional campground/retreat center  for the sexually fluid, located in a Southern California high desert. Are we clothing optional?  The original site was that we might just be! But who really knows!

The real question is: Would you like to be on our signup list for our fabulous future events? Sign Up Below!

  • John, yes, the above sign up form is a real signup form. It’s live and can take sign ups immediately.
  • John, this page is designed to go with the “theme” of “” or whatever “theme” I apply to the whole site. I would have to know what you want, aesthetics-wise, to add texture, color, vibe and that sort of thing to your actual site.
  • John, per our conversation, this was 10 out of 10 on the easy scale. I would just need to convert your site to WordPress then it’s ridiculously simple for me, for a SIMPLE site.